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Skywalk Group

Skywalk Group is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa based professional services firm that specializes in the areas of
human resources management
, organizational development and training, and recruiting.
Our team has extensive experience providing critical HR strategy and support for companies of all sizes.

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What's New

What's New

Are You Making These Common Onboarding Mistakes

Making these onboarding mistakes could cause good employees to jump ship. Making these onboarding mistakes could cause good employees to jump ship. The phrase “jump ship” comes from “abandon ship,” a term used on boats when the vessel is lost and is inevitably going to sink. In business terms, to jump ship means to leave a company that looks like it is headed for trouble or isn’t an ideal place to work. It is therefore the opposite of onboarding, which is the process of bringing on new employees. But why do employees jump ship? More importantly, why do some jump ship more quickly than others? The answer may lie in your onboarding process. We’ve worked with many companies in creating onboarding processes. Here are some of the most common mistakes we see. (more…)