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Skywalk Group

Skywalk Group is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa based professional services firm that specializes in the areas of
human resources management
, organizational development and training, and recruiting.
Our team has extensive experience providing critical HR strategy and support for companies of all sizes.

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What's New

What's New

Top 5 Recruitment Trends in 2015

It can pay (literally) to keep an eye on recruiting trends. It can pay (literally) to keep an eye on recruiting trends. Just like any workplace activities, recruiting and hiring also go through cyclical trends. It is important to stay on top of these trends, as they will help you better find and attract the top talent your company needs to succeed. This year is over halfway complete and there have been some clear recruitment trends that appeared this year. The top five recruitment trends focus on social networks, mobile recruitment and other important aspects to recruit the best of the best potential hires. (more…)