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5/25/11 Press Release:  Skywalk Group announces partnership with Next Gen Marketing Group.

Press Release:  Skywalk Group earns Targeted Small Business Certification through the state of Iowa.

11/20/09 Skywalk Group Partner, Tim Sieck, collaborates with organizational development experts Perry Alter, Donna McGee, and Russ MacBeth on a Performance Management article.

Donita Sanderson joins Skywalk Group

Press Release:
HR Outsourcing & Consulting to the rescue!
The reality of today’s world has forced many companies to downsize their in-house human resources capabilities.  However, in many cases, those human resources needs still exist.  HR consulting and outsourcing services can provide a cost-effective solution for many businesses.


Skywalk Group Website Launches

Skywalk Group launches new and improved website.
After building its second Web site in a year, the Skywalk Group is happy that its new site, not only looks great but functions exactly as the company wants it to. The new site was completed in October by Henry Russell Bruce (HRB).


Skywalk Group client, Ovation Networks, shares their recruiting strategies with local media.