3 Key Principles to Successful RPO Implementation

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3 Key Principles to Successful RPO Implementation

Have you decided that recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the right solution for your company? If so, you’ll need to take some steps to integrate your RPO provider into your team. Skywalk Group is here with three principles for successful RPO implementation:

1. Get Company Buy-In.

Whether you are part of the hiring process, or working with a new colleague, recruitment affects all parts of your company. That’s why every member of your team must buy in to RPO. Start by getting executives to sign off on the new strategy and work your way down. When people in positions of authority advocate for your solution, everyone else is likely to respect the decision and adhere to your plan.

Next, communicate the RPO implementation process with the rest of your organization. Many RPO providers offer flexible solutions, so it’s necessary to clearly define how your company will utilize the RPO provider. Make sure that each member of your team understands how the RPO will impact their role, and if they will need to communicate with the RPO provider throughout implementation

2. Set Realistic Expectations.

RPO is utilized best as a long-term solution for quality recruitment. After the inital investment, a good RPO plan will deliver the ROI you’re looking for. This requires you to set realistic expectations for each stage of the process, because results won’t come overnight.

Break up your long-term RPO plan into phases and set goals for each phase. After a phase is complete, evaluate its success before moving forward. Make any adjustments according to your evaluation and then build on your progress. Be sure to give your feedback to the RPO provider so they have a clear understanding of any changes that need to be made.

3. Integrate the RPO into Your Team.

An RPO provider is a partner, not a one-off vendor, so your organization will benefit from integrating them into your team. This includes frequent and clear communication about expectations. Sit down with your RPO to explain your goals and how you want to accomplish them. Keep an open mind if the team from your RPO provider recommends a different strategy than your initial plan. These specialists have a wide variety of experience that you can trust, so hear them out!

We understand what an undertaking it is to develop an RPO plan from scratch. We can work with you at Skywalk Group to find the right solution for your organization and implement it. Contact us to get started!