A Look in the Mirror: How Your Hiring Process Reflects on Your Company

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A Look in the Mirror: How Your Hiring Process Reflects on Your Company

With the economy on the mend and the unemployment rate dropping, it can be hard to find a quality candidate to fill your position. However, one thing many companies are not considering is how their hiring process looks from the outside-in. Your company’s reputation, as well as its hiring process, is accessible to nearly anyone with internet access. It’s time you took a look at your reflection and see if your hiring process is holding you back from finding the right candidate.

One thing many companies are lacking is a careers page. This goes beyond a page devoted to open positions and dives into a more friendly company culture approach. A few ways to do this is to truly represent your brand on your careers page. Highlight employees and their positions so people can see what it is like to be an employee with your company. This could include interviews with employees, videos of the day to dayactivities and even images of your group hard at work and play. Show your potential candidates that they aren’t just becoming another employee, but are truly joining a team.

Another often overlooked aspect of the hiring process is the job posting itself. After an initial internet search, the first thing a prospective hire may see is the job post. This is going to be their first impression of your business. Does your job posting sell the job? Does it hint to the culture of the company? Use descriptive and informative language to compel the person to want to either know more, or apply for the position.

Now that your careers page and job posting is luring in potential candidates, it is time to overhaul your application process. You are almost guaranteed to lose people if they have to jump through hoops in order to submit their interest in the position. Lengthy personality tests and repetitive entry fields can be discouraging to a candidate and could result in abandonment of the application process altogether. Talk to your current team. What did they like and dislike about applying for their position? No one will have better input than those who have gone through it.

One last aspect to reflect on is your role during the interview process. From the minute you reach out to a potential hire, they will rely on you for guidance. Keeping lines of communication open will not only show the candidate that you value them but also give them a sense of your company’s culture. Transparency is one of the best ways to show your potential hire how you not only treat your current team, but how you will treat them as well.

Finding a quality candidate can be difficult. A lower unemployment rate means less available prospects. With a good look in the mirror, you can adjust your hiring process to attract the best talent. If you have been struggling to find the candidate you want, Skywalk Group can help.