Do You Need an RPO?

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Do You Need an RPO?

Hiring can be a lengthy and costly process. From the initial job posting to the onboarding process, it could take you upwards of three weeks to find the candidate you want. If you are tired of wasting time and money, it may be time to think about utilizing an RPO. Here are a few questions to ask when deciding if an RPO is right for your business.

Do you have a recruiting department?

Even the largest companies can struggle with recruitment. This process becomes infinitely more difficult if there is no recruiting department to do the hard work. Each step of hiring takes time, dedication and money. Even determining the best place to post the job should be a calculated and well thought out decision. From social networks to online job forums to the company’s internal page, a recruiting department can take the guesswork out of recruitment.

Are your unfilled positions staying open for too long?

Unfilled positions in the US in IT alone constitute more than $20.1 billion in wasted time and lost revenue. And that is only one sector of open jobs. Are your unfilled positions staying open for longer than you would like? You can easily calculate how much it is costing you in four easy steps:

  1. Annual company revenue/number of revenue-generating employees = annual revenue generated by the employee
  2. Annual revenue generated by the employee / 356 days in a year = daily revenue per employee
  3. Daily revenue per employee X days position unfilled = revenue lost per day for the unfilled job
  4. Revenue lost per day for the unfilled job X number of open jobs = total revenue lost per day for all open jobs per unfilled job

If you are having to utilize this equation to calculate your losses, it might mean that your company needs help with recruitment. You can easily save yourself time, effort and money by utilizing an RPO service.

Can you not find a qualified candidate?

With unemployment at a low, there are fewer quality candidates looking for jobs. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find the right person for your unfilled position. RPO has the ability to market your open job using an extensive list of resources you may not have access to. They also provide proven strategies for sourcing and engaging potential talent. This helps to prevent a wrong hire, therefore, protecting your budget and time.
Don’t let your open positions become a lingering problem. Whether you’re not sure where to post the job or the candidate pool seems limited, utilizing an RPO can give you peace of mind. You no longer have to waste time and effort, Skywalk Group will do the hard work for you. Let us find you the perfect fit for your open position.