Ensuring a Steady Flow of Talent: Creating a Talent Pipeline That Works for You

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Ensuring a Steady Flow of Talent: Creating a Talent Pipeline That Works for You

Every company wants to attract and retain the right talent to fit their needs for both now and the future. Each hired role is critical for not only supporting the business but also helping it grow. The best way to ensure that your company has a steady flow of eligible and qualified applicants is to create a talent pipeline.

One of the first steps in creating your talent pipeline is assessing your current talent pools. Are there currently gaps between what you have available and what you need? If so, it is time to start identifying what strategies you can implement to not only acquire but also develop talent to fit those gaps? By being proactive, you can ensure that your empty positions will not stay that way for long. Here is a simple process for forming your strategy and building your talent pipeline:

  • Identify your business needs: Each role is critical in the overall functionality of your company. From hourly workers to salaried management, each employee has their role in keeping things running. Be sure to note how long you can effectively function if one of these positions becomes vacant.
  • Evaluate your current inventory: As we stated above, it is important to assess your current talent inventory. If you find gaps for critical roles, it is important to work together to analyze and define the talent needed. This will help you have a clear and concise idea of who you need in your pool of candidates.
  • Network and recruit: Now that you know who you need, you need to make sure you are on the lookout for people who would fit your defined roles. A networking event is an easy way to help build your talent pipeline. Another way to keep your talent pool fresh and revolving is to allow job seekers to submit their resume to your company although a specific position may not be available. This keeps the resumes rolling in so you can constantly add to your pipeline.
  • Nurture your market: Now that you see what kind of talent is available in the market, whether they are currently job seeking or not, you must entice them to come to your company or keep them on standby in your talent pipeline. Social media is an easy way to not only distribute alluring content but to also build your brand’s awareness. Whether you utilize B2B content to show your dominance in the business world or highlight your L&D content, nurturing the market should add a consistent flow to your talent pool and applicants.

Attracting the right kind of talent to fit your business needs can be difficult. Having a talent pipeline can make filling your open position an easy and strategic move. If you need help finding the right talent for your business, Skywalk Group can help. Reach out today and see how we can make your next hire effortless.