Get the Best Hires of this Graduation Season With These Tips

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Get the Best Hires of this Graduation Season With These Tips

Educated, vibrant and eager are just a few words to describe recent college graduates. They worked hard to earn their degrees and now they are pouncing on the opportunity to use them. So how do you get ahold of the top new talent entering the workforce? Skywalk Group has compiled a list of things you need to do if you want the best of the best this graduation season.


Compensation and Benefits

This may seem like a no-brainer, but compensation and benefits packages are going to be the first thing graduates look for. With mounting student loan debt and impending departure from their parents’ insurance plans, it only makes sense that these things top the list of their must-haves. Competitive benefits, such as those that have a company matched 401k, are going to be more appealing than others and can be a great selling point for future hires. Salary, on the other hand, is often negotiable. Graduates are looking to start their career and aren’t necessarily wanting to negotiate their salary as they are looking to get their foot in the door. This doesn’t mean you should lowball them, as there is hefty competition for the newest and brightest talent. But don’t feel that you have to show all your cards at once.

Development and Room for Growth

New graduates are just that; new. They are looking to begin their careers, to grow and thrive. However, they are also not naïve enough to think that they’re going to enter the workforce in anything more than an entry-level position. Young graduates want to work for companies that will help to propel their career through learning and skill development opportunities. You can help foster this growth while also benefiting from the experience. Include your new hires in the daily operations of your organization. Promote freethinking and collaboration. Not only will this help new graduates learn the ropes of your business and move up the ranks, but it can also help you get outside ideas to keep your operation fresh and effective.

Work-Life Balance

The idea of balancing your home life with your work life has become an increasingly popular topic. The idea of having two separate lives, work and home, is lost with the most recent generation of graduates. Instead, it is more likely that they believe that the two are equally important. These grads are looking to feel fulfilled in their lives and a big part of that is feeling fulfilled in their job. A few ways to help promote that work-life balance is by having flexible work hours. If a later morning leads to a later night, will it truly affect your bottom-line? The ability to work remote is also a huge selling point for graduates. With the technology available, there is less and less need for many roles to come into the office every day. Teleconferencing and messaging platforms allow for ease of transparency and communication.

New graduates are some of the brightest and most eager talent available. However, even with the flood of new hires, there is also a flood of recruiters waiting to scoop them up. By adjusting just a few aspects of your business, you can attract the best of the best this graduation season. If you need help finding the perfect fit for your open position, reach out to Skywalk Group today!