Hiring in the New Year: How Different Generations Need Different Strategies

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Hiring in the New Year: How Different Generations Need Different Strategies

No two hires are the same and this becomes even more evident when hiring among different generations. Although a candidate that is 25 and a candidate that is 55 may be looking for the same job, the way they look and what they are looking for can differ drastically. Skywalk Group keeps all of this in mind and more when we work to find you the best candidate. Below are the different things we do to make sure each generation is appealed to.

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are those candidates born between 1946 and 1964. These job seekers are typically looking for a completely different environment than their younger counterparts. Boomers are known to be workaholics that work best in a team or group. They are typically ambitious as well as optimistic which fosters an open and cooperative atmosphere. Although 64% of these candidates use social media, it is important to note that they may prefer job searching in ways that are more traditional. Job fairs, referrals, and print ads are all ways to attract a baby boomer.

Generation X

This generation encompasses those born between 1965 and 1980. This group generally is more self-reliant than baby boomers. They are known to be skeptical of big changes but are willing to take a risk if the reward is big enough. One thing to remember about this group when hiring is that they appreciate a very balanced home and work life. 80% of Generation X candidates use social media, which is a substantial jump from the previous generation and is a good way to target them. However, don’t rely too much on social networks to recruit this group, they still believe in the timeless power of ink and will utilize newspapers and other print to job search.


Although these candidates born between 1981 and 2000 have gotten a lot of heat, they are a great addition to any team. These candidates grew up in the age of computers and are very tech savvy. They look for more meaningful work and value diversity. One way to lose this candidate is by having an out-of-date website or social platform. From Facebook to LinkedIn, millennials look for work all over the internet. It is also advantageous to target this group before they even start looking. Ads placed on social media sites can help you recruit this candidate regardless if they have left their current job.

No matter the open position you have, the candidates that are searching could differ greatly. Whether it’s a baby boomer looking for their next career move or a millennial just starting out, Skywalk Group has the strategy to find you the best person for the job. Contact us today and get the right applicant the first time.