How Marketing and HR Go Hand-in-Hand

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How Marketing and HR Go Hand-in-Hand

If you don’t think your company’s image and brand don’t have an impact on your hiring process, we’d say you’re wrong. We’d tell you nicely though. Actually, 69 percent of people base what companies they would want to work for on the reputation of that company. So how does marketing and human resources all work together to cohesively attract employees? Let’s find out.   

Targeted Advertisements: Are you looking for a potential employee in a niche market with specific experience and job titles? Well marketing can help you find that person. Through sophisticated targeting on the backend of social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, you can get to a very granular level on targeting. This can help shorten your hiring process and produce wonderful candidates for your company. Advertisements are a great way to drive brand awareness to your company. Consistent postings, including job ads, can drive traffic to your social media platforms as well generate applicant interest.

Branding is a Team Effort: Company brand and employee brand are both critical to the success of the company. Think of it this way: if the company image is poor, that will lend to a bad employee brand, making the entire company suffer. The two initiatives should not be separated and efforts surrounding both initiatives should be a priority. To ensure consistency, marketing and HR employees who are spearheading both company and employee branding efforts need to collaborate to make sure they are speaking the same language.

Both Manage Company Reputation: Whether it’s a bad review left by an interviewee or a scandal that needs cleaning up from the PR/Marketing team, both HR and marketing deal with the company’s reputation. Both teams should be working together to ensure the candidate and customer experience are up to the company’s standard and that any poor experiences are handled in an effective manner, consistent on both sides.

Website and Social Media: Working with the marketing department to set up a website or career page showcasing company culture on social media is pivotal in today’s digital age. With any updates to a website or page, it’s important for HR and marketing to collaborate in order to capitalize on consistent content and creativity. Regarding social media, the marketing team can help develop an employee content strategy to better attract potential employees.

While you may not assume the two departments work together to create a cohesive process, it’s important that they do. How do you currently work with your marketing department? Share with us in the comments below.