How to Make Your RPO Relationship a Winner

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How to Make Your RPO Relationship a Winner

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) relationship can be one of the most advantageous things you can do for your business. In order to nurture this kind of relationship, you need to find the right RPO to partner with and set the groundwork for success. We’ve developed four ways you can ensure the relationship with your chosen RPO service is a success.

  1. Provide easy visibility into your business

Your RPO partner will need visibility into your business to make informed decisions regarding your hiring needs. Statistics, metrics, and other reporting tools are an integral part of producing optimum results and can help educate your RPO partner on the best way to make your collaboration a mutually beneficial one.

  1. Have clear-cut recruitment objectives

Having precise, attainable goals is crucial to a successful relationship with your RPO solution. Regardless of whether your organization is using the RPO service for a small assessment or for an entire hiring overhaul, being open about your needs is paramount to the process. This relationship is your opportunity to hire a more qualified employee, rather than quickly hiring for quantity.

  1. Partner with the right experience

One of the brilliant things about utilizing an RPO solution is having a previously untapped resource readily available. Depending on what your overall objective is, you should first make sure the RPO you hire has expertise in that specific area. Recruitment technology, sourcing solutions, data interpretations and industry trends are all aspects of the business you can tap into to fit your individual needs.

  1. Think of an RPO as a partner

The success of your RPO partner depends on the success it brings to your company, so they are just as vested as you are. If you truly bring them into your organization and view them as a valued team member rather than a hired asset, you will see better results. Allowing them to experience company culture, be a part of new employee orientation, as well as giving them access to the materials needed will integrate them into your day-to-day and make them partners in your joint effort to achieve success.

The relationship you build with your chosen RPO solution will help determine its success. Integrating them into your business and accepting them as a partner can help you achieve your future recruiting goals. If you need a partner to help your business thrive, Skywalk Group can help.