Let's Talk: Hiring in the 4th Quarter

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Letís Talk: Hiring in the 4th Quarter

Forget about everything you’ve been told about the fourth quarter. It’s typically known as a time when companies are crunching numbers and trying to pull themselves out of the red. Budget cuts, hiring freezes, and few candidate options have been long thought to be the norm for the end of the year. However, times have changed and hiring around the holidays has become beneficial to your company and its bottom line. Here are three myths about hiring in the fourth quarter and why they’re wrong:

Myth 1: Always Wait to Hire When the New Year Starts

Since many companies still wait to hire until after the first of the year, there is a hiring frenzy that can occur. The already small pool of candidates gets noticeably smaller as companies rush in to fill their open positions. By hiring in the fourth quarter, you can get the pick of the lot and ensure that your new hire is the best fit for the position. Don’t wait for competing companies to set up their new annual budget and start making offers, beat them to the punch and hire the top talent.

Myth 2: There is No Room in the Budget to Hire at End of Year

Another great reason to hit the ground running in the fourth quarter is to cash in on any unused budget money or leftover spending accounts. Money that has already been allocated and factored into the year’s budget won’t change the bottom line. Take advantage of this and get your next recruit on board before you even ring in the new year. Not only will you be able to pick from a larger candidate selection, but you will also be able to hire without having to worry about cost.

Myth 3: Candidates Aren’t Applying in the Fourth Quarter

A common misconception that often comes up when hiring in the fourth quarter is that very few people are actively looking for full-time positions in the winter months. This is untrue. The holidays are a time when many people have extra days off of work and have more flexible schedules. This means that more people are searching the internet for their next job move. Although some people will not want to leave their current positions until after their holiday bonuses, that doesn’t mean they won’t start looking. Make sure you have your position posted well in advance so you don’t miss out.

Whether you want to utilize the remnants of your yearly budget or just get the best candidate before the new year frenzy, fourth quarter hiring can bring huge benefits. Skywalk Group is ready to help you post your open position or find the right person for your job. Reach out to us today and find your ideal team member before the year ends.