New Hire Underperformance and How You Can Prevent It

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New Hire Underperformance and How You Can Prevent It

No one makes a hire with the expectation that it won’t work out. Unfortunately, there is often a rush to fill a position as quickly as possible, and some things get overlooked. Instead of placing blame, it’s much more beneficial to break down your hiring process in order to find a fix. We have a few ways you can prevent hiring an underperformer.

Skill Search

Consider hiring based on potential success. Although previous successes in past roles are a good starting point, concentrating on soft skills may serve you equally as well. Leadership, drive, goal-setting abilities, teamwork, and being able to think outside of the box are all skills that can turn an ordinary candidate into a great employee. Your processes can be taught, but many soft skills are something a candidate either has or doesn’t have.

Proper Onboarding

How your new hire is introduced to the company is more important than you think. Ensuring that your new employee is comfortable in their new space and role will help their transition into the company be a seamless one. This is a crucial step to set them up for success. From a dedicated, comfortable workspace to access to the necessary tools and technology, proper preparation will go a long way.

 Expectations and Goals

One of the biggest reasons a new hire doesn’t meet performance standards is an unclear set of expectations and goals. In both your job description and interviews, avoid sugar-coating the job requirements. Whether the job at hand requires attention to detail or strong interpersonal skills, don’t downplay the aspects of the position that may seem easy to gloss over. Being upfront about what quantitative and qualitative metrics you expect from their performance will give your candidate the opportunity to decide whether or not they are prepared for the duties of the job.

Unfortunately, bad hires happen. However, with just a few adjustments to your hiring process, you can turn underperformance into a perfect fit. Skywalk Group has the history and experience you want when hiring; if you need help in your hiring and recruiting process, reach out today.