Preboarding and Onboarding: Prepare Your New Hire for Success

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Preboarding and Onboarding: Prepare Your New Hire for Success

Although the job of finding and hiring your new employee is over, the work isn’t done quite yet. Whether your latest hire is a seasoned vet or walking into an entry-level position, they are going to need help adjusting. Preboarding, as well as onboarding, will save you time and effort while introducing your new hire to the company.


Preboarding is a simple, yet effective way to save both you, your human resources department, and your new employee plenty of time. After the initial offer has been extended and accepted, start by calling and welcoming your new team member to the company. This not only gives them the opportunity to discuss any lingering questions, but it gives you the chance to review their start date and time, any dress code restrictions, parking limitations, and anything else unique to the job. You can also utilize the time leading up to their first day to email any pertinent paperwork, such as a W2, so that they will have everything filled out upon their arrival saving you both some time.

The preboarding process can benefit more than just you and the new hire. The time before the official start date is a great chance to email the rest of the team and introduce them to their newest member. By being familiar with what role the new hire will fill, the rest of your team can prepare to extend job duties or a helping hand. Your IT department can also get a jumpstart on creating any necessary logins, emails, or other credentials needed so that there is no delay on their first day.


Now that your new hire has officially started, it is time to help them settle into their new role. A strong onboarding process will accomplish some important things. You can cover aspects such as a tour of the office, an introduction to the company culture, introductions to their new team members as well as their mentor, an overview of their first project or task, as well as a talk about goals and expectations. Making sure that your new employee is not only comfortable in their new space but also knows what is expected of them, will help their transition into the position a seamless one.

Be sure to pay good attention to how well your onboarding process works after each new employee. There are many benefits to this process but only if effectively adjusted each time. A solid onboarding routine has been shown to not only improve job satisfaction and retention but also boosts employee performance.

Hiring a new employee can seem daunting. However, with a foolproof preboarding and onboarding process, your new team member will be effectively working in no time. Are you unsure if you have the right processes in place? Skywalk Group can help you not only list your opening but help you find the right person for the job. Contact us today!