Rural Recruiting: What You Need to Know to Be Successful

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Rural Recruiting: What You Need to Know to Be Successful

Not everyone lives and works in a booming metropolis. However, everyone does need a way to generate income. If you are looking to hire in a rural area, you may have been hit with many obstacles in finding the right recruit. From a lack of candidates to not having the proper support available, there are many challenges that can arise when recruiting rurally.

One struggle in recruiting for a rural job is finding a candidate that is willing to not only relocate to the area but also stay there long-term. To find this candidate you may need to widen your search. Expand beyond your city and look to other cities. Many people are looking for their next career move and are both ready and willing to relocate for the right position. It may help if you cultivate relationships within different communities as well. By having your name out there, more potential hires will be looking to your company for their next move.

Once you have expanded your search and found a pool of candidates, you may need to revise your wishlist. Your ideal candidate may not be the one that is jumping at the opportunity to move to a rural area. However, instead of focusing on experience and skills, focusing on potential can help you find the best candidate. Does your candidate have what it takes to grow into the role and succeed personally and professionally? Making sure that your new hire matches the culture of the company can be more beneficial than making sure they have the exact skills and experience for the position. Skills can be taught but a personality is set in stone.

Now that you have picked your perfect candidate, it is crucial to provide them with the support they will need to thrive in their new location. It is your job to make sure that your recent hire is introduced to their new community. Whether it’s helping them find a home or providing them with a list of local grocers, doctors, and entertainment venues, your onboarding process can make or break the success of your applicant choice.

Hiring for a rural location can present many challenges. By doing a little prep work though, you can find the right person for the job. If you have faced challenges in finding your next team member, Skywalk Group can help. Contact us today and let us find the person you need to succeed.