Signs Your Business Should Partner with an RPO

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Signs Your Business Should Partner with an RPO

Is your small team trying to juggle recruiting on top of their current duties? Do you regularly have seasons of high hiring rates? There are many reasons your business might want to consider partnering with an RPO provider. Here are some common questions people ask when trying to decide if they should collaborate with an RPO provider, answered by experts!

Q: How long is too long for a position to stay open?


A: Anytime an opening is affecting the business, clients, or existing employees and causing stress, it’s been open too long. There isn’t a specific number of days, it’s situational. Sometimes businesses are short-sighted and will keep a position open for months to save a few thousand dollars on recruiting costs, when it’s actually costing their business tens of thousands of dollars in lost productivity and revenue. Some openings are more urgent, i.e. revenue- generating positions such as business development or sales roles. Be proactive by working with an RPO to fill a position before your company starts to lose revenue. 

Q: How can an RPO help your company stand out from the competition?


A: An RPO partners with you to interact and communicate with potential candidates, typically on your behalf. These efforts significantly increase your exposure in the candidate marketplace. However, RPOs, like Skywalk Group, don’t simply place advertisements and sit. They put tremendous effort into proactively reaching out to passive candidates to provide awareness about your career opportunities. Brand awareness and enhanced candidate experience give you an edge over your competition. greatly separates you from competition that is posting and waiting. Lastly, RPOs provide expertise to refine your recruiting process and provide visibility so you can see true ROI.

Q: What scenarios call for an on-demand recruiting solution that can be used as-needed?



  • Seasonal spikes in hiring needs.
  • Periods of unexpected growth or change which demands staffing levels you weren’t prepared for.
  • High employee turnover rates, which may negatively correlate to your recruiting process.
  • Recruiting is treated as an afterthought. Busy managers may not be able to keep up with hiring needs especially if your company doesn’t have a dedicated recruiting department. A partnership can ease the recruiting burden while allowing your managers to remain productive in their daily tasks.

Q: How can an RPO help with seasonal hiring?


A: Many RPO’s offer the ability to start -and -stop recruiting support as needed without requiring long contracts. This is a perfect solution for seasonal hiring. Furthermore, since RPOs focus on recruiting all day every day, we are experts in driving robust pipelines of candidates very quickly, which is needed when trying to hire bulk amounts of people. We can work alongside your team, provide a recruiting boost, and then taper off when no longer needed.


If any of these scenarios sound like a situation your company is in, contact us today! We are passionate about finding the right talent for organizations, and we would love to discuss how we can help your business grow.