Streamline Your Hiring Process and Beat the Talent Shortage

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Streamline Your Hiring Process and Beat the Talent Shortage

The economy has seen its fair share of ups and downs in recent years, as has the employment rate. Thankfully, unemployment is at a nearly 50-year low. However, with the market less saturated with candidates, your hiring process may need to be updated for the current market conditions. Regardless of the talent shortage, we have some tips to help you streamline your hiring process to get the person you want for your open position.

Simplicity Brings Numbers

One of the easiest ways to increase applicants for your position is to make the process for applying simple. An online presence is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this. Whether applicants can send in their resume on your website, social media page, or through an app, the ease of applying will likely increase the number of resumes that are sent.

Once you have received the resumes, you have another chance to simplify the process. Allow your potential hire to do an initial telephone or video conference interview. This can save time on both ends and give both of you the flexibility to meet sooner rather than later. This also gives you the chance to eliminate people without having to bring them in for an actual face-to-face interview.

Be as Eager as Your Applicant

A talent shortage means that the odds are not necessarily in your favor. With so few candidates and so many job options, you need to be as eager as the person applying for the position. Don’t let the pile of resumes wait until the end of the week. Be proactive. If you truly want the best talent available, you need to weed through the applicants and reach out to those you like as soon as possible. Remember, if you like them, another company probably does too.

Your Team is a Reflection of Your Company

At this point, you have received resumes, eliminated unqualified candidates, and have quickly and efficiently reached out to those candidates you want to bring in for a formal interview. Now you need to make sure your interview team is a positive and adequate representation of your company. This means your interview panel should not just be a few senior members of the team who have been in the business for most of their life. Include some newer employees that can give insight into how their experience has been. Remember, as much as the candidate is trying to sell themselves, you too are trying to sell the company.

Although the talent shortage can make it harder for you to find the right candidate, it doesn’t make it impossible. Just as the hiring climate has changed, your hiring strategy must change to reflect the new atmosphere. With a few changes, you can not only get the candidate you want but also make the hiring process easier on yourself. Skywalk Group has proven strategies to help you find the ideal team member to fill your open positions. Contact us today!