The Digital Age: Perfecting Your Online Content Strategy

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The Digital Age: Perfecting Your Online Content Strategy

If you don’t have an online content strategy for your business, you are behind the times. These days, more than half of people look for and apply for jobs online. Not to mention that marketers who use blogging are 13x more likely to have a positive ROI. Having a thorough and developed online content strategy can drastically increase your chances of finding the perfect candidate or reaching out to the most compatible business. Here are three foolproof ways to make sure your digital footprint is having a positive impact on your business strategy.

Email Marketing

Some studies show that 99% of people who utilize email check it every single day with some checking their mail upwards of 20 times a day. This in and of itself shows that email marketing can be very effective if utilized properly. One way to make sure you are targeting the right people is by using email segmentation. This strategy involves dividing your list of subscribers into smaller segments based on criteria important to your goals. These emails are especially critical to your content strategy if you are using them for the purposes of B2B communication.

White Papers

White papers are a powerful tool to keep in your online content strategy bank. With the right resources, a white paper can be more powerful than a salesperson. One of the main reasons that they are so effective is that they are able to provide information like a brochure while being persuasive like an article. In fact, 78% of B2B buyers request white papers as their preferred content format. White papers can also serve to find you the warm lead you are looking for. This could mean that a qualified job seeker reaches out to you when otherwise they wouldn’t have.


Blogs are an extraordinary resource to firmly plant your flag in the online world. In fact, 53% of marketers say that blogs are the main priority for them. The SEO benefits alone should persuade you to add blogs to your content strategy. Websites with blogs have  434% more indexed pages versus a site that doesn’t utilize blogs. They are an easy and effective way to increase your online presence, attract talent and appeal to other businesses.

Having an online content strategy is crucial to the success of your business. Whether you are searching to fill an open position or increase your ROI, a stronghold in the digital world is important. Whether you utilize email marketing, white papers or even blogs, be sure to make yourself known online. If you ever need help finding your next lead, let Skywalk Group help your search.