Why Use an RPO?

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Why Use an RPO?

If your company has been using internal procedures to hire, there may be well-defined processes in place. In fact, you have probably been doing the same thing for so long, it seems like the perfect process. What if we told you that there was a much easier, cost-efficient and less time-consuming way to find the perfect candidate for your open positions? A recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company can be the answer to a problem you never even knew existed.

One of the main misconceptions with utilizing an RPO is that every single one of your open positions must go to your RPO once you hire them. This is false. You can utilize your RPO for whatever portion of your business needs you decide. For example, if you have lower-level positions that often have higher turnover, you may already have good control over recruitment for this area. However, perhaps the other 40% of your recruitment needs more devoted attention. In this case, you could simply outsource that 40% to your RPO.

Another reason you may not have considered using an RPO yet is that you either have short or long-term needs. No matter the time period, RPO talent acquisition is completely tailored to your specific goals. Many businesses that are just starting out will offload their entire hiring process so that they can focus on other aspects of starting their business. They then continue to utilize the RPO in order to keep their hiring process consistent and capable. However, other companies may just have short-term needs with developing a new department or even just wanting to improve their internal organizational structure.

Once you make the decision to have an RPO help you, be sure to look at things with a long-term mindset. RPO is different from traditional recruiting. It is more than filling an open position. An RPO service will look at how your company recruits as a whole instead of just one small piece. Everything from turnover rates, the technology utilized internally and externally, the time a position stays open, as well as the market averages are taken into consideration. This will not only save you time and money in the end but will also completely change the way you hire going forward.

Although it may seem like a good decision to use internal measures to hire for your open positions, you may want to reconsider. An RPO is an unlimited resource of data that can streamline your process saving you time and money all while finding you the perfect candidate. If you need help with hiring or have more questions about what an RPO can do for you, reach out to Skywalk Group today!