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Employee Training & Development

Training Opportunities for Business, Sales, HR and Customer Service

Without investing in your employees professional development, your company’s growth potential would be limited. Properly trained employees position organizations to:

  • Gain new clients
  • Retain current clients
  • Develop new products, services or work processes
  • Increase productivity
  • Set your company on a path for growth!

Employee Training Programs

Skywalk Group’s online and in-classroom training opportunities for employees or teams within your company target four key areas:

  • Business - general business training to create more efficient and effective employees
  • Human Resources (HR) - training focused on developing a solid understanding of HR related topics
  • Customer Service - creates a customer service staff that helps retention of customers
  • Sales - aims at creating an effective sales team that keeps business coming in at a steady rate

Our experienced training & development staff can help you identify skill weaknesses in your organization, which skills need to be developed and will assist in creating a custom-tailored training program.

Employee Training and Development Matrix

Employee Training Matrix
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