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Proven Experts in RPO Recruiting & HRM Consulting

“Get the right people on the bus and in the right seat.” –Jim Collins, “Good to Great”

Having the right people in the right spots within your company is the best business asset you can have. On the flip side, the wrong people mean wasted time, effort and money. Our goal at Skywalk Group is to help you attract, train and retain the best employees to produce spectacular results through our RPO recruiting and HRM consulting solutions.

Key Things to Know About Skywalk Group

  1. Over 50 years of leadership in the recruiting and HR industry
  2. Worked directly with over 100 top-level executives across the country
  3. Certified Targeted Small Business through the state of Iowa
  4. Have worked with companies in both private and public sectors
  5. Past clients range in size from 10-100,000 employees
  6. As an RPO recruiting agency and HRM consulting agency with a proven record of getting results, we have found ways to partner with businesses in nearly every industry.

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Great results don’t create themselves.

For assistance in recruiting, training and retaining the most talented employees, get in touch with us by calling 319-743-9830 or contacting us today.